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VendosViewENGELBERG, Switzerland – Want to know how major sporting events affect sales? Ever wonder how the giant winter storms affect conversions? Curious about which regions convert best (and worst)? Would you like to know how many more people shop on holidays?

Vendo wanted to know all these things, too, so the IPSP biller dug into monds and mounds of industry-wide data looking for insight into situations and events that affect your business. The result: the newly launched Vendo’s View, a blog presenting an astounding amount of data-based analysis of consumer behavior and business trends.

Over the past year, Vendo has been making a push to provide data-driven insights to the industry through a variety of social media outlets.

“We’ve been asking these types of questions of our data for years,” said Vendo Managing Director Thierry Arrondo. “We would share the results with some of our clients. It turned out that they were really interested in what we found.

“So, we decided to start publishing our insights and opening up to questions from all of our clients,” he continued. “As a single company they can only see their own data, but since we process for thousands of sites we can see what is happening in the industry.”

As payment processor, Vendo focuses on using data to grow revenue. The company develops artificial intelligence to deliver dynamic pricing as part of its complete suite of billing services, which are used by some of the largest entities in the industry. Consequently, Vendo has collected lots and lots of data and has the wherewithal to examine the information’s implications.

The first posts in the new Vendo’s View series cover topics ranging from the March Madness basketball tournament to the top-converting U.S. states and how winter storms affect conversions. Each post shares insights into the how’s, what’s, and why’s of each topic. Companies throughout the industry are comparing their own data to Vendo’s industry-wide results and reaching conclusions they might never had made on their own.

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