eMerchantPay to Host EU Billing Strategies Seminar at Webmaster Access

eMerchantPay at Webmaster Access Amsterdam
YNOT EUROPE – Amsterdam-based eMerchantPay will host a high-powered new educational seminar to debut at the Webmaster Access conference in Amsterdam Sept. 24-26. The seminar, entitled “EU Billing Strategies: Maximizing Your EU Billing Strategy,” will address a number of aspects with which e-merchants must be familiar if they wish to do business in the European Union.

eMerchantPay’s Vince Charlton will moderate the presentation. Charlton has extensive experience as both a qualified accountant and an international offshore trustee, in addition to many years in the billing industry. His wealth of experience navigating complex international business regulations and improving commerce for clients who wish to monetize new markets will benefit anyone who seeks to evolve an online business venture.

“The adult industry has recently been confronted by many processing challenges, including recently enforced Visa and MasterCard restrictions, troubling third-party payout news, frozen virtual Visas and new restrictions by EU banks regarding EU sales taxes,” Charlton said. “The many benefits of doing business with European banks are still clearly present, and it is absolutely vital that merchants seek proper advice in structuring their European processing in ways that will allow each to maximize their returns from every transaction.”

Points to be addressed include the value of having an EU corporation, setting up the right type of EU venture, EU tax implications and EU VAT tax directives. A question-and-answer session will follow. The seminar will allow webmasters and business owners to learn firsthand how current regulations may affect business models and ways to maximize revenue within the framework of existing laws and ethical standards.

“eMerchantPay is the co-host of Webmaster Access, and as a responsible billing company we want to make sure we are adding real value for all attendees,” said eMerchantPay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jonas Reynisson. “We have created this critically important seminar to make discussion of billing strategies and current regulations easily accessible for everyone.”

For more information about EU processing strategies, visit eMerchantPay.com.

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