New Entertainment Tax? Want to Know How to Avoid It? Wear Your VR Headset!

Attention, attention! The Internal Revenue Service hast just recently announced the introduction of a newest entertainment tax within the area of the United States of America, and from now on… Nah, we are just kidding! This could indeed sound disturbingly true, but it is just a yet another VR porn fantasy from the world-famous professional VR porn movies’ makers: VR Bangers!

In the brand new VR porn scene from these technically-advanced makers (as do not forget that they were the first in the adult industry to introduce their VR porn films in full 6K ultra high definition), Lena Paul became a tax inspector and she is willing to go through your tax return all the way back and forth to investigate your financial history and to check whether you are honest with your reports or not.

This could sound a little bit scary – just like the first paragraph of this article – but do not worry and just trust that VR Bangers know what they are doing – after all, they are producing similar virtual reality porn videos professionally and even though this one might sound quite deliberate, it was made entirely to bring joy and pleasure to all the members of the community at, and the course of the meeting with this amazing VR porn star with big boobs will certainly be pleasant and enjoyable.

“Do not get intimidated by the name (or idea) behind this VR porn scene,” comments Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Lena is indeed about to become a tax inspector, but she is not going to go through your tax returns for real – I know that our VR porn scenes are realistic, but, come on, we are here to have some fun and not get stressed with all this bureaucracy! I am sure that after wearing your VR goggles, you will all reach an agreement with her and come up to a mutually satisfying solution – if you have watched some of the older VR porn movies with Mrs. Paul, then you should already know that the Entertainment Tax is going to make your day!”

Within this VR porn scene, the aforementioned VR porn actress, Lena Paul, is about to pay a visit to an incredibly wealthy and powerful entrepreneur – the one that has managed to gather his fortune mostly since he was avoiding all kinds of taxes through his whole career. Even though the girl was supposed to bring him to justice, when she has learned about all the power and wealth that lay in his possession… she just could not help the fact to get horny – and now all she wants is to fuck him to get herself a piece of his financial cake!

Getting your VR visor will allow you to see this entire situation from the POV of the millionaire – if you are interested in diving inside of this latest VR porn experience, make sure to watch it over here.

And do not forget to visit the main page of VRBangers to check the rest of their VR porn movies!

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