Granular Settings Help Keyword Targeting

TrafficForce_061516CYBERSPACE – Sites that convert traffic looking for blonde lesbian MILFs may have trouble attracting surfers looking for exactly what the site offers. Surfers searching for blonde lesbians may want teens; surfers seeking blonde MILFs aren’t interested in brunettes. How do media buyers know where to place their ads to get the best results?

Traffic Force believes it has a solution: granularity. According to a company spokesman, the company’s new granular tools allow media buyers to target specific phrases and search terms without including more general results.

“It’s all about getting exactly the right traffic with each buy,” explained Ross. “You can now pick up clicks that target exact search queries without including any general terms in your keyword strategy. In some niches, that becomes extremely important. Two sites about blondes may both benefit from aspects of that keyword, but a teen site getting blonde MILF clicks or a MILF site getting blonde teen clicks can quickly devalue the overall impact of the traffic. Traffic Force granular targeting gets you only the specific targets you want each time.”

The company offers three ways to segment traffic, with each method delving deeper into the pool for more narrowly defined matches.

“Broad targeting of a term like ‘black lesbian’ gets you traffic from pages relevant to ‘black or lesbian’ content,” Ross said. “Exact targeting shows your ads only on pages that are tightly targeted to exactly the search phrase you desire, so ‘teen upskirt latina” would bring back only traffic for pages about that very specific topic. Negative matching gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific terms from their campaigns.

“So, you can start with a general target and then gradually kick out under-performing keywords as you drill down to only the most productive sources,” he added.

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Marty O'Brien

Marty O'Brien

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