New Source Optimizer Changes CPA Game

PocketMoneyOSS, Netherlands – Advertising platform EroAdvertising has launched a new tool it expects to help advertisers save “thousands of dollars.”

Source Optimizer allows advertisers to set a minimum spend and target CPA amount. Once the spend is reached, Optimizer will check for conversions. If the conversions are not within the target CPA, that source will be blocked. If the traffic already sent starts to convert, the Optimizer will automatically unblock the source again.

“We are excited to offer advertisers more options that allow for the cheapest conversions,” said EroAdvertising found and Chief Executive Officer Jan Huibers. “We are constantly coming up with new solutions to make our advertising platform the easiest and cheapest option for advertisers.”

Source Optimizer users also can opt to use the system’s click-through ratio monitor, which allows advertisers to set minimum impressions, CTR percentage and spend. A source may be blocked if the minimum spend is reached and the CTR percentage is too low.

A third option allows users to monitor bounce rate. A traffic source will be blocked if the bounce rate exceeds the percentage specified by the advertiser. This greatly reduces paying for bot traffic, Huibers said.

“Source Optimizer has taken the guesswork out of buying,” he said, noting the tool has been live-tested for four months. “Our average advertiser’s CPA has improved 30 percent since we started testing our newest tool, and we couldn’t be happier. In the past we couldn’t always pinpoint underperforming traffic for our advertisers, and now all we do is plug in a few numbers and the rest is optimized automatically.”

He summarized: “Source Optimizer reduces an advertiser’s workload, increases conversions, helps reach CPA goals and saves money.”

EroAdvertising also has launched a new banner pool tool that allows advertisers to upload banners once and specify rating and language. For each campaign, the banner pool automatically chooses the best banners based on CTR.

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