Lulu Chu Looks for a Cure & Beauty in New Parasited Scenes

The alternative world site Parasited, Parasited, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, has two new, must-see scenes starring multi-nominated adult performer Lulu Chu, directed by Ricky Greenwood, and produced by Romero.

Lulu Chu’s most recent Parasited scene, “The Cure,” has her starring alongside Leana Lovings. The scene’s premise is that Lulu’s marital life has taken a hit, and she can’t perform her wifely duties. Her husband’s solution is to lock her in a room to try to find out why her sex drive has gone and her hysteria has increased. Enter Leana Lovings with a big box containing holes, which she swears is a miracle and the remedy for Lulu’s problems. Leana tells her to lie on the bed, showing her the big alien worm, and Lulu panics. The tables are turned as Lulu knocks Leana down on the bed and shoves the alien parasite in her mouth. As Leana becomes transformed, she screams she’s been chosen. Leana chokes up the parasite to start Lulu’s possession and transfers it from her mouth to Lulu’s. The possessed babes, drenched in parasite goo, can’t keep their hands off each other—they rip their clothes off, passionately kiss, go down on each other, scissor, and fuck the parasite at the same time.

Lulu’s second scene, “Beauty Secrets,” opens with her and Lexi Lore ordering a new, trending black market product touted to make you look younger and popular with all the Hollywood celebs. It arrives empty and leaks a slimy substance. The girls hear a noise in the kitchen, so Lulu goes to investigate, and a tiny parasite jumps out of the sink and crawls inside her. Lexi rechecks the empty box and finds an ominous note. Lulu knocks her to the ground and transfers the parasite from her mouth to Lexi’s. Once the parasite possesses both, they rip their clothes off and can’t get enough of their lesbian sex games until they’re both satiated.

“Lulu starred in the first two big Parasited features, and members can’t get enough of her, and now they’re obsessed with Lexi and Leana. Both scenes have dynamic chemistry and the hottest lesbian sex. Who knew a parasite could cure a sexless marriage and be a beauty secret?!” says creator/producer Romero, Mr. Alien.

Watch the trailers, exclusive scenes, and Lulu’s Parasited features at Parasited.

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