Parasited Drops Star-Powered Post Pandemic Series

The alternative world site Parasited, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, has a brand-new star-powered series, Post Pandemic, directed by Roberto Di Suna and produced by Romero. The first two scenes have debuted, and the members can’t get enough.

The first scene of the series is “Post Pandemic” and stars Catherine Knight and Chloe Temple. Nurse Catherine has somehow escaped the parasite outbreak in the hospital, but Nurse Chloe desperately needs help. While Catherine goes to look for medicine, Chloe stays behind and gets approached by a parasite that gets in her pussy and infects her. Catherine returns with the meds and prepares to inject Chloe when Chloe grabs kisses and infects her, too. Both ladies have been captivated by the parasite and can’t keep their hands off each other—they take turns going down on each other, 69ing, and scissoring like they won’t make it until tomorrow. Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Post Pandemic” at Parasited Post Pandemic.

“Post Pandemic 2” debuted last week and stars Scarlet Skies and Kelly Collins. Scarlet is awaiting her operation and needs to be put on anesthesia for an extended period, but Nurse Kelly reassures her it will be alright. Scarlet wakes up to a nightmare of the lights out and no one around. She leaves her room and bumps into Kelly, who tells her there’s been a parasite outbreak and they must hide and get out. Catherine Knight is infected and passes the parasite to Kelly as Scarlet runs away. Both infected nurses find Scarlet and double-team her as Kelly pops a parasite in her pussy. This leads to a wild all-girl tahreeway on the hospital floor with titty sucking, pussy licking, kissing, scissoring, and a daisy chain. The preview and scene can be viewed at Parasited Post Pandemic 2.

“After living through a pandemic, this series is all too real. Never mind new coronavirus strains, parasites are the next post-pandemic threat, and there’s no escape, not even in the hospital,” says creator/producer Romero Mr. Alien.

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