Valentina Nappi Takes on Trentebeard on Plants Vs. Cunts

Plants Vs. Cunts is all about plant vines taking over the planet and fucking the hottest girls in adult. The latest offering features hot and curvy Italian porn star Valentina Nappi, and she’s taking on an ancient tree name Trentebeard.

In Plants Vs. Cunts’ “Trentebeard” Valentina Nappi is looking for solitude as she walks in the woods. She encounters an ancient tree creature named Trentebeard, who blocks her path. The creature is lonely, and when her notices Valentina, he restrains her with his vines and branches. Trentebeard’s next move is to take off her panties and pin her against a tree. Valentina’s ass is wide open for the taking, and Trentebeard sticks his long plant cock in her anus. Trentebeard fucks Valentina until she’s full of plant semen, and she passes out on her back from the orgasms and cum inside her. The ancient tree has her right where he wants her; he picks up Valentina’s legs and fucks her pussy and fills her with a creampie. Trentebeard keeps going and stuffs Valentina’s mouth with his big vine and fills her with plant cum. He decides the finale needs to be a triple threat, and he takes his plant tentacle cocks and plugs her mouth, ass, and pussy, with the money shot happening in all three simultaneously. Plant cum oozes out of her holes, Trentebeard disappears forever, and Valentina is stranded in the middle of nowhere.

“I enjoyed directing this one. Trentebeard might be an ancient tree creature, but he’s really branching out when the lovely Valentina crosses his path. This is one of the most popular videos on the site. Watch and see why plant vines and hot porn girls are a winning combo,” says creator/producer Romero Mr. Alien.

Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Trentbeard“.

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