Pink Toyko Aims to Invigorate Japanese Adult Market

PinkTokyoHironoriKomazakiTOKYO – For all its businessmen reading porn comics while riding the subway, Japan is a closed society when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to acknowledging the sexual needs of women.

The upcoming Pink Toyko consumer sex show aims to open the eyes of Japanese men and women and titillate the senses in the process. Set to take place Feb. 28 through March 2 at the Differ Ariake arena, the show will feature sex toy displays and appearances by Japanese adult stars. In a stark departure from traditional Japanese public practices, the hanging of erotic art throughout the hall will transform the entire event into an enormous erotic gallery.

Marketing consultant Hironori Komazaki is one of the driving forces behind Pink Toyko. reached him in Tokyo and asked for details.

YNOT Europe: Why did you decide to stage Pink Tokyo?

Hironori Komazaki: We had started to research, based on our new business concept, ways to provide what had never been seen before by the Japanese people. Various adult-oriented events take place in other countries, including the United States, Germany, France, China and Australia, but this is the first such event in Japan.


Through the trade show, Pink Tokyo aims to invigorate Japan by providing unprecedented inspiration while at the same time raising the status of the adult industry.

Is it rare to have an adult show like this in Japan?

In 2007, someone tried this kind of show, but only once. Pink Tokyo is the first to emerge since then.

First efforts to produce something entirely new can be challenging. How did potential exhibitors respond when you started putting together the event?

More than 20 companies and 40 brands are exhibiting, and about 100 buyers will visit Pink Tokyo 2014. We are encouraged that Pink Tokyo will become a brand and a gateway to Japan’s sexy and adult industries for consumers.

Visitors will be able to see various stage shows related to the adult industry, such as high quality AV actresses [porn stars], sexy gravure idols [magazine models], TV shows in production and so on.

What do you consider the highlights of the show?

The big consumer draws are AV actresses from Japan. They already have status and brand value.

Porn tends to be male-centered in Japan. Pink Tokyo has specifically targeted female consumers. Why?

Porn is still male-centered in Japan. We intend to change that with the Pink Toyko event, the likes of which the Japanese have never seen before.

The women’s zone is filled with female toy brand companies. The area also offers education, grassroots advocacy and attractive toys for women.

PinkTokyo3As well, the show will feature the Miss Bartender contest hosted by Girls Bar Walker website ( The competitors are women from the non-adult industry. So this show is not only for core adult and porn fans, but it also will be for more mainstream people.

How do you expect the show to be received by the public?

We want to change Japan from being as a closed society — to alter the perception that porn and the adult industry are only for a small group of core fans. Pink Toyko will be a strong trigger to start discussions about this closed atmosphere. Pink Tokyo will open the door for all women and contribute to raising the spirits of elder people, too.

What are your future plans for the show?

Pink Toyko 2014 is the first annual event. In future years, we aim to be the number one Asian adult show.


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