Sophie Evans: ‘Color the Future Red, for Passion’

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By Alejandra García

YNOT EUROPE – Sophie Evans was born in Budapest but won international fame in Spain thanks to her sense of humor, a scandalous body and an angel’s face. “Discovered” by José María Ponce, Evans quickly became one of Private’s most popular stars. Today her career combines live erotic performances at the popular Barcelona nightclub Baghdad with appearances in conventional cinema. Among other mainstream projects, she has appeared in movies including Biutiful, Paris-Tombuctu and Amor Idiota.

Evans recently took some time between performances at Baghdad to speak with YNOT Europe.

YNOT Europe: What defines the Sophie Evans of today?
Sophie Evans: Today I’m retired from porn, but as I love the atmosphere, so I keep doing chat and live shows. I’m always at Baghdad and on And I think it is thanks to my career in porn that I can devote time to these things.

Did you lose your innocence to porn, or only your virginity?
I think I lost them both before [I entered the industry], but I also learned things in porn. Every time you make love with someone, you learn something new. “Lost innocence” sounds like something traumatic and, fortunately, I have not been through anything traumatic.

You’re still playing a starring role every night at Baghdad. How do your fans react to you live and in person?
Many times they recognize me. Last night, for example, a member of the audience said to me, “Thanks, Sophie!” As you know I started my career here at Baghdad, and I always invite people to come see me in online chat.

What are some of the best memories of your career?
One of the most beautiful memories is quite new: Because of my career in porn, I had the opportunity to participate in a mainstream movie, No lo llames amor, llámalo X (Don’t Call it Love, Call it Porn). It’s a comedy about porn. At first they called me to ask about anecdotes, but then they cast me to play an international porn star. And, of course, I had no problem with that role! It was nice because, well, I’m a fan of [Spanish comic actor] Paco León. I also worked with [Spanish mainstream actress] Kira Miro, with whom I spent a lot of time learning the script before filming. The film will be released in May.

This was not your first role as a mainstream actress, though.
True, it was not the first mainstream role, but it was the first important role for me. I previously worked with [the late Spanish director Luis García] Berlanga, [Catalan director] Ventura Pons, and recently with [Mexican director] Alejandro González Iñárritu, in Biutiful.

I guess you’re glad to see the trend of more and more porn actors in conventional film.
Sure, because porn actresses and actors have a lot of experience in front of the cameras. We don’t do porn just because we like sex, but also because we like to act. I, for example, studied drama for three years.

Who can you always rely on for support?
On one of my ex-boyfriends — I can always call him. Also my mother, but she is farther away. And, of course, the girls at Baghdad, with whom I get along very well.

In what color would you draw your future?
I am a very positive person, and although I have no boyfriend right now, I would like the future to be full of love. So the color would be red, for passion.

Who has given you the most help in life?
My mother, because she gave me life, and Juani de Lucía at Baghdad, because from the beginning she made me feel good as an artist. She always makes [the performers at Baghdad] feel good about our work. Even if people look down on our work, she makes us feel proud of what we do.

The most important number in your phone book is…?
One of my ex-boyfriends, because I can tell him anything. And my mother, and then my friends.

How do you keep your body in such wonderful shape?
I like going to the gym to exercise. And I use many creams, because I like feeling good.

What has porn given you?
Lots of fun. I’ve met many people, traveled, made friends, gained experience, worked in films and gained some fame.

What about love?
I’m looking for love. I love being part of a couple, and I would love being forever with one man. You could say, “I am looking for a boyfriend. Please send me your phone number!”

And with that, Evans laughed and returned to the stage.

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