First Adult openRTB-compliant System Debuts

The OpenRTB project is an open protocol for automated ad trading.LIMASSOL, Cyprus – A new real-time bidding system, said to be the first openRTB-compliant program in the adult industry, has launched. The OpenRTB project is an open protocol for automated ad trading.

TrafficStars, which developed the system, said it allows Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), ad networks or affiliate networks to buy and sell traffic in real-time.

“TrafficStars Programmatic allows advertisers to reduce their costs, automate media buys and increase their return on investment,” according to a company statement. “On the other side, publishers will obtain higher fill rates from TrafficStars’ ever-growing traffic demand.”

EroAdvertising is one of the first partners to integrate with TrafficStars’ RTB platform. Now EroAdvertising can offer its advertisers traffic from TrafficStars-trusted sources like xHamster, GotPorn, TnAflix and Empflix.

“It’s a real pleasure to partner up with TrafficStars and to be able to offer our advertisers new traffic sources on demand,” said EroAdvertising’s owner and chief executive officer, Jan Huibers. “I’m happy about how the technology is working. The integration has been straightforward, and between our networks the discrepancy is very low.

“Now I’m just happy to offer our advertisers new good traffic sources from well-known brands like xHamster in the EroAdvertising marketplace,” he added.

Geoffrey Bonnechère, TrafficStars co-founder and CEO, said going fully programmatic was a logical evolution for the company.

“In the mainstream industry, nearly 30 percent of the traffic is managed through RTB, whereas the adult industry has just started to look into this technology,” he said. “It’s time to catch up and provide a more accurate technology to advertisers and publishers worldwide.

“Announcing with great fanfare to be openRTB is one thing. Making it work with hundreds of thousands of requests per second is another,” he continued. “Every week we integrate with new RTB partners, and we help other companies to develop such technology.

“I’m really proud to see how TrafficStars has evolved over the past 18 months,” he added. “We’re now outperforming most players. It’s really good to dust off the adult traffic business and to push self-appointed tech leaders to evolve.”

TrafficStars’ RTB technology is now available for affiliate platforms, advertising networks, DSPs and SSPs. DSPs can easily access one of the largest inventories in the industry, with more than 30 billion monthly impressions, according to Bonnechère. TrafficStars Programmatic can integrate not only with openRTB 2.3 but also with XML feeds, and it’s flexible enough to work on the first- or second-price auction.

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Marty O'Brien

Marty O'Brien

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