Data Reveals: Springtime Is Adultery Time

Cyberspace – Spring is here. One would think that many now use the time to start the spring cleaning or simply let the soul dangle with their partner, right? According to adult and casual dating website, probably known to many through their cult TV spots (Jeff, my name is Jeff), Germans seem to be engaged in completely different activities altogether. The site’s statistic team took Easter as occasion to see if springtime has any effects on member behavior and as it turned out, that’s quite the case. A 67% increase in member activity has been noted for German logins around Easter and that’s not all.

“If you’re in the dating space and have according traffic? should be on your list! We’re expecting exceptionally high peak times for Spring of 2018 as well,” a spokesperson said. “Of course, not everyone is looking for a fling. Many singles search for and find like-minded contacts on our site too. However, we have an increasing number of members, situated in relationships, specifically looking for flings. A wide variety of highly engaged users I’d imagine, which make for strong conversion possibilities and thrilling user lifetime values!”
The team furthermore looked at time frames. Members seem to be actively looking for one-night stands and affairs especially before work and early in the evening. According to the infographics, there are peak times for breakfast (7 – 9 a.m.) and also towards the end of the day (4 – 8 p.m.). Only Berlin starts particularly late. Most logins take place around 10 p.m.. One could assume that’s mostly due to the party crowd looking for dates, before they’re off to celebrate the night away. In contrast, Cologne does not really want to be inspired by the spring awakening. The city comes in at last place in the top ranking. In Munich, which is otherwise considered a rather prude region, things are more active than expected. Second place for the Bavarians, after Leipzig and still ahead of Hamburg.


Conclusion? According to the data collected, singles can look forward to a particularly busy springtime in 2018 and webmasters could profit by joining the already hot season.

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