Verotel: ‘Good Order Pages Can Increase Conversions’

VerotelOrderScreenAMSTERDAM – Payment facilitator Verotel has introduced new payment pages the company claims can increase conversions for both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

According to Alex Foster, an account specialist at the company, the new “flat” design allows customers to focus on completing the transaction. The design is responsive and therefore works on every type of device including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Merchants may customize the look and feel of the pages by changing colors and logos and adding other personal touches.

In carefully executed A/B tests, the new order pages showed an average 11-percent conversion increase.

“The reasons for the higher conversions are obvious,” Foster said. “The new design is easier and clearer. The large Pay button invites customers to complete the transaction and move on quickly to the purchased content. It is clear that since most merchants do not ship any physical goods, there is no need for physical address fields. We know that other payment processors use the physical address for credit card holder verification, but Verotel uses other methods to verify the cardholder’s real identity. With fewer fields to be completed, users leave less personal information and can complete transactions faster.”

Foster said Verotel’s unique technology also contributes to the increased conversions. The option to store encrypted card information in the user’s browser is enabled by default. The next time the cardholder visits any order page hosted by Verotel, their card information is automatically filled out, helping to complete the transaction even faster.

Building on the technology, the company is developing a new feature: Verotel One-Click, an extension of the Verotel Flexpay API. One-Click will allow video-on-demand, webcam and virtual-reality merchants to offer an instant purchase directly from a web interface. Existing members simply click a button to purchase additional content or refill credits. The purchase will be processed instantly and without a redirect to a payment page. Verotel One-Click will be available July 1.

“With all these options, merchants can provide a seamless online customer journey to pay for their goods and services,” Foster said.


Marty O'Brien

Marty O'Brien

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