xPreroll Is Now Available for All Publishers with TrafficStars

TrafficStars is proud to announce its latest technological development: the xPreroll! A joint development between xHamster & TrafficStars, the brand new technology provides an overlay for a publisher’s video player to be able to implement video pre-rolls seamlessly and effortlessly.

“This is the simplest and most effective way for publishers to implement video pre-rolls,” explained Sales Director Anna Blaivas. “This also means that advertisers will be able to grab further high quality video traffic from the TrafficStars inventory, as this player enables video pre-rolls to be shown in the most effective way – maximising CTRs and conversion rates.”

“We’re the established experts in video content streaming, so it was natural that we developed a genuine solution which covers the existing market needs. You just add xPreroll script to your site and start monetizing your videos,” says Alex Hawkins, VP of Marketing at xHamster.

The technology was developed by xHamster and TrafficStars to help publishers integrate video pre-roll into their sites, for those who don’t have the resources or technology to do so. It’s a very clean and simple solution that provides additional revenue streams to all publishers and is compatible with a range of different players (JW Player, VideoJS, Delight VR, etc.)

The xPreroll is now available to all TrafficStars publishers. Please contact publishing@trafficstars.com for more information and the xPreroll integration guide. Advertisers can contact their Account Manager or email support@trafficstars.com to set up a Video Pre-Roll campaign today.

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