Push Notifications Now Live with TrafficStars

TrafficStars is proud to announce the launch of Push Notifications for desktop and mobile devices. The industry-leading Ad Network and Ad Exchange has developed new technology for all publishers to be able to implement Push Notifications into their site.

This technology has already been implemented on a number of high profile publishers, who are now offering Push Notification traffic to TrafficStars’ advertisers for desktop and mobile devices.

Push Notifications are alerts that pop up on a smartphone or desktop screen and prompt the user to take an action, which is usually to visit a landing page. The Push Notification consists of an image, brand name, headline and URL and allows advertisers to speak directly to users at the right time and in the right place, and it’s very hard to ignore.

Push notifications have become very popular and demand from publishers and advertisers alike has been growing in the adult industry recently. For this reason, TrafficStars has worked hard to develop and release this technology to the industry.

“This is an exciting move for the industry,” Peter Rabenseifner, CEO of TrafficStars said of the release. “It’s a great source of additional income for publishers and a fantastic source of traffic for advertisers. We’ve already seen gaming offers performing very well but literally all verticals can work with amazing results on Push Notifications. We’re very proud to help lead the industry with yet another new ad format to help all of our partners increase their revenues.”

Publishers can now use TrafficStars’ code to easily implement Push Notifications into their site and have full control over how the notifications look, plus capping to limit how many Push Notifications are sent to each user every 24 hours. Advertisers can already buy Push Notification traffic with volumes that are increasing daily.

Contact your account manager or the Support Team for help with setting up your first Push Notification campaign.

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