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By M. Christian

YNOT EUROPE – For many webmasters, Asian content is full of financial promise but often, tantalizingly, just out of reach.

Affiliate program DTICash wants to change that. According to spokesman LeRoy, it is possible for affiliates to turn content from the Land of the Rising Sun into steadily rising revenue-share sums. The program takes a proactive approach with its webmasters; in fact LeRoy insists “we don’t make money until you do.”

YNOT chatted with LeRoy to get his advice about making Asian content pay.

YNOT: Your site says you have a “100-percent clean track record with no complaints.” How do you keep affiliates happy?

LeRoy: We understand how tough it is for webmasters to generate clicks these days. Our goal is to ensure our affiliates get the most out of every click they send us by offering more than 50 of the top Japanese websites in the world. Most of our big sites, like DxLive.com and CaribbeancoM.com, have been around for more than 10 years and boast the best conversions in the business. We offer transparency when it comes to commissions and offer a prompt, one-on-one approach when it comes to affiliate support.

There must be unique challenges, as well as rewards, for companies specializing in English-speaking Asian niche traffic and Japanese traffic. What challengers and headaches have you seen?

The biggest challenge entering the U.S. market 10 years ago was convincing affiliates that Japanese was a big enough niche. Most webmasters blew us off, saying they don’t have enough Asian traffic. Now with the advent of geo-targeting banners and the explosion of porn consumption due to rising income in Asia, webmasters are finding out how valuable their 30 percent Asian traffic can be. Most of our affiliates are blown away that we monetize Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore as well as we do.

The biggest headache would have to be the language barrier, since most of our content is in Japanese. However, we expect advancements in translation tools to be our Ibuprofen. As for our cam sites, most of our 21,000 Japanese cam models speak conversational English. They’re also incredibly hot, so our users are more forgiving.

DTICash says “We will not make you rich overnight, as our opportunities are solid moneymakers that have the potential to make you exceptional income for the long term.” That sounds like experience talking. Do you find a lot of webmasters have unrealistic expectations?

We pride ourselves on being honest with our affiliates. Establishing a long-term relationship based on false hopes is not the right thing to do. We don’t display fancy cars or piles of money to lure webmasters to sign up with DTICash, although we have quite a few webmasters who have made a good living with our program. We are not a get-rich-quick program, but we are damn good at monetizing your Asian inventory.

Will you share some specific techniques DTICash uses to accomplish its goals?

We listen to our affiliates and find ways to monetize their Asian niche traffic. The easiest way to convert our sites is to engage users to join and chat with fresh Japanese girls. Surfers today are very savvy, and they need to be well informed before they’ll click.

We asked one of our top affiliates “How do you convert 1:200 or lower?” His answer was, “We pre-sell your surfer before he gets to your site.”

What makes DTICash different from other affiliate programs?

The biggest difference would be that we are not a U.S. company expanding into the Asian market. We are an Asian company expanding into the U.S. market. We know Asian content, culture and trends better than anyone else out there, with over 10 years of perfecting our business model, building sites and finding the hottest cam girls in Asia. It shows in everything we do.

In your experience, what are some of the best things that webmasters can do to get their traffic roaring?

Get to know your ad networks. Remnants become available and sometimes can be snatched up cheap. Send them to the right affiliate program for a quick bump in your revenue.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to SEO. Find the right person or company and do whatever it takes to climb the Google ladder. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

What about social media? Where does DTICash stand on that promotional avenue?

Is there anyone out there hitting the cover off the ball with social media? The fact remains that porn is consumed behind bedroom doors. It shows in Twitter accounts of adult programs: Most programs follow more people than they have followers.

We do subtle things like occasional YouTube videos and uploading pictures of smoking-hot Asian girls to Pinterest so we become synonymous with beautiful Asian girls. And we have Google +1 buttons on our pages.

Where do you see the future of affiliate marketing going, and what can webmasters do to prepare?

Take advantage of the amazing technological advancements. There are so many tools out there to help your click find the right home and to generate free clicks. Revisit things that didn’t work in the past because there’s a good chance technology found a fix for the problem.

And bookmark YNOTeurope.com and keep up!

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