Border Patrol Officers Sure Know How to Screw Around

BorderPatrolSexLIMASSOL, Cyprus – Not every arrest at the U.S. Mexico border is a bad thing, as EuroRevenue demonstrates with its newest website. For agents, their quarry and fans alike, jumping the border never before looked like such hardcore fun. lays bare what happens when female “undocumented aliens” are apprehended by the long arm — or appropriate other body parts — of international border enforcement officers. Because illegal immigration is a hot-button political issue in the U.S., the site was soundly excoriated when released by a U.S. based company in 2014. The new European owners don’t have the same public-relations concerns.

In fact, the controversy drew a significant number of visitors who were curious to see what all the fuss was about. Add that to the number of viewers who visit more traditional cop-fetish sites, and EruoRevenue is quite happy with the performance of BorderPatrolSex, thank you very much.

The site offers exclusive high-definition video, every-other-week updates and bonus content.

To celebrate the re-launch, EuroRevenue is paying 70 euros per membership sale through July 19. After that, per-sale and revenue-sharing payments depend on geographic location and sites promoted.

For more information about the affiliate program, its payouts and its portfolio, visit


Marty O'Brien

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