Butt-Boy Slim Intense: Sleek, but Powerful

Rocks-Off Toys for BoysLONDON – The newest product from U.K.-based pleasure products manufacturer Rocks-Off is a slimmer, yet no less powerful, sibling to the ever-popular man-toy, Butt-Boy.

The Butt-Boy Slim Intense vibrating prostate and perineum massager offers many of the same features as his big brother:

  • Ten functions provided by “Ignition,” a removable, USB-rechargeable bullet vibrator.
  • An ergonomic shape for easy insertion and a firm fit during play.
  • Ultra-soft, body-safe silicone for a smooth texture.
  • A 100-percent waterproof, shower-safe design.

“‘Ignition,’ our USB-rechargeable 10-function bullet vibrator, has been very popular since its release because of its incredible power,” said Andrea Duffy, international sales manager for Rocks-Off. “The feedback from our customers is so positive that we are proud to announce it will power the Butt-Boy Slim Intense and our new ‘Intense’ range of other prostate and perineum massagers.”

The new product already has proved popular with retailers and distributors, which Duff said bodes well for the vibe…and for the company’s development philosophy.

“We listened closely to feedback from our customers and spent many months of careful attention on this new design so that it exceeds expectations with its power and ergonomic fit,” she said. “Butt-Boy Slim’s terrific reception at [the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo in Burbank, California, in July] has already made us very excited about its future.”

For details about the product and the rest of the line under development, visit Rocks-Off.com.


G. Zisk Rice

A native of Minot, North Dakota, G. Zisk Rice left his heart and other parts of his anatomy in San Francisco during a Navy shore leave, leading to an embarrassing demonstration of "don't ask, don't tell" in action. After earning a degree from UC Berkeley, he wrote for AVN's now-defunct GAYVN magazine before joining YNOT's editorial team in 2011. His heart and other body parts still belong to the man who claimed them while Rice was on shore leave. The couple married in May 2013.

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