FOSI European Forum to Address ‘Creating a Better Internet’

FOSIconferenceParis2014PARIS – An American child-protection organization with roots in the adult entertainment industry will participate in an international conference focused on “creating a better internet for children and teenagers.”

Scheduled to being May 22 at Microsoft’s Paris office, the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) 2014 European Forum will address not only online safety, but also ways to use the internet more effectively for education and other creative, productive experiences. Incorporating viewpoints from industry, law enforcement and government, the conference hopes to highlight innovation primarily in the EU, with input from the U.S. and around the world.

The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, an American organization, will have a representative at the event.

ASACP is delighted to have been invited to attend the annual FOSI European conference,” said Director of European Outreach Vince Charlton. “The association supports and shares FOSI’s core objectives for protecting children in the digital age, through education and parental involvement. The Paris summit is an ideal location to further develop relationships and promote ASACP and its ideals to others working within the child protection arena.”

ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning added, “FOSI presents a great opportunity to learn the latest about online privacy and safety today. Bringing together a range of stakeholders to discuss these critical issues helps bridge the gap between content consumers and publishers and shows that the adult entertainment industry is a vital partner for online child protection.”


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