Fraud Protection for the Mobile Space

BrokerBabeAntiFraudZURICH – Fraud. In the online and mobile spaces, the word carries especially frightening connotations because it hints at lethal consequences. Whether the problem takes the form of click-cheating, database hacks, identity theft or credit-card chargebacks, fraud is a growing problem for all industries.

Mobile affiliate program BrokerBabe, in cooperation with an anti-fraud specialist the company declined to name, has installed new security features to protect its clients from many kinds of fraud.

The new system consists of three separate components, each of which is measured in terms of risk: impressions, clicks and conversions. Each component uses unique, intuitive algorithms to help users spot potential fraud including bot traffic, scripted installs and sign-ups from sub-affiliates.

“We are very happy that we made this step,” said Stefan Mühlbauer, director of marketing and sales at BrokerBabe. “As a tech company, you are every day confronted with ‘partners’ that try to trick the system. It’s very important for BrokerBabe to protect its publishers and advertisers. We made this tool public for all our partners to prevent media buyers from spending money for bot traffic and to help performance networks to identify scripted signups and installs on the spot.”

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Marty O'Brien

Marty O'Brien

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