Traffic Recycling System Monetizes the ‘Back’ Button

BrokerBabeTrafficRecycleBUCHAREST, Romania – Traffic network Brokerbabe has launched a new tool to help webmasters monetize exit traffic across their portfolios or one property at a time. The company calls the system traffic recycling.

“Brokerbabe is now offering a big revenue booster for our affiliates,” said Director of Marketing and Sales Stefan Muehlbauer. “All publishers can choose for every promo tool if they want to activate the traffic recycling or not. With this option, users will see rotating offers every time they click on the back button, and additionally pops are opening in new tabs with offers from different verticals.

“Interested affiliates can get in touch with their account manager to activate it,” he added. “The first affiliates who tested it noticed a revenue increase of around 40 percent, and we can’t wait to see what kind of growth it brings to all our affiliates.”

Muehlbauer cautioned the script “can encounter difficulties with ad networks.” However, noted Brokerbabe “offers assistance with finding the best options for their affiliates.”

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