It’s All About Space Aliens & Zombies at Parasited & Hentaied

Real-life porn hentai porn site Hentaied and alternative world site Parasited, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, have dropped new scenes, and it’s all about space aliens and zombies.

Hentaied’s “Space Encounters,” directed by Romero, has Lottie Magne traveling through space exploring the universe when she’s in peril when the ship is overtaken by a giant space alien with many tentacles. She can’t breathe, so she removes her backpack, unbuckles her belt, and unzips her space suit to get some air. Lottie stops focusing on the fact she can’t breathe and enjoys orgasms while the aliens’ tentacles cumflate her and exit her mouth. She passes out, wakes up, and gets ready for Round 2. Lottie gives the alien a tentacle job as the alien fucks her pussy and then cums in both. Round 3 brings a DP, cumflation, and her face and body are covered in cum. Watch the trailer and scene at Hentaied.

Director Ricky Greenwood returns to Parasited for his second offering, “Infection 2,” starring Braylin Bailey and Leana Lovings. The radio is broadcasting news about alien parasites turning people into sex-hungry zombies. Drawing a bath and lighting candles, Leana calls Braylin and asks her to come over. Leana is unaware of the alien parasites in the tub and her bedroom, but one jumps in her mouth and takes over her mind when she gets in the tub. Braylin comes over, and looks for Leana, who jumps on her and transfers the parasite to her mouth. What ensues is a lesbian frenzy while both are covered in alien slime. They don’t stop until they have out-of-this-world orgasms.

“This week, our members are getting space aliens and zombies. When hot girls interact with giant space aliens and parasites, anything can happen, and it does. The horror leads to wild sex, and our members can’t get enough. I’m also excited to have Ricky Greenwood’s second scene for Parasited finally,” says Creator/Producer/Director Romero Mr. Alien.

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