Live Web Content Platform Heating Up

WebstreamLONDON – Establish an account, install a few lines of code and begin broadcasting your own live web content within minutes — without the need to deal with back-end video optimization, payment processing and customer service. The user provides the live content and the audience and keeps 75 percent of gross revenues. For the remaining 25 percent, the platform provides everything else.

That’s the promise webcam platform Webstream makes in what the company characterizes as a new, more aggressive marketing-and-education plan.

According to spokesman Ben Clark, Webstream thinks of itself as “the little platform that could.” The company, he said, proved its critics wrong.

“[Co-owner] Andy and myself have worked in a number of verticals throughout the adult space previously,” Clark said. “Our time in the pay site, pay-per-minute, phone sex, clip store and design segments of the market led us to think up the Webstream platform. That’s when we were told repeatedly that it couldn’t be done, that a snippet of code wouldn’t be able to handle it all and that 25 percent wasn’t enough revenue to make it workable.

“Well, now that it’s built, functioning flawlessly and scaled to accommodate more business than ever, we are happy to report the naysayers were wrong,” he added. “If you don’t want to take our word for it, watch the video to hear it straight from the mouths of the models themselves.”

The platform’s simplicity of use and comprehensive packaging makes it an ideal solution for almost any application, according to Clark. In the coming months, partnerships with mainstream firms will introduce new technologies, but already the Webstream platform is under consideration by some of the largest adult sites on the web, he said.

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