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At Least They Don’t Kneel During the National Anthem

MELBOURNE, Australia – To be honest, I don’t know much about Australian football. Offhand, I assume it’s a lot like […]

Bellesa.Co And The Danger Of Self-Declaring Virtue

MONTREAL – By now, you’ve likely read plenty about what happened with – how, following on the fawning praise […]

Congress Takes Aim At Revenge Porn In The Military

WASHINGTON – Months after news of the Marine Corps’ revenge porn scandal broke, it appeared to many observers and critics […]

I Knew I Should Have Stuck With Soccer

CARTAGENA – When I was kid, soccer was pegged by many people as America’s fastest growing sport. In terms of […]

The Gmail Promotions Tab And How To Avoid It

Gmail is the biggest free email provider in the world, and nothing strikes fear in the heart of email marketers […]