Minimum Bid Price Drop Accompanies Site Re-launch

BlackCarsBERGEN, Norway – With the launch of a brand-new website, traffic network PlugRush kicked off a plan to change the way adult businesses view paid traffic circulation.

The new, a year in development, simplifies the process for media buyers, gives the network a welcome facelift and better communicates what makes PlugRush different from its competitors, a spokesperson said.

To celebrate the launch, PlugRush lowered the minimum bid for all desktop traffic to $1 for 1,000 plug clicks and 10 cents for 1,000 pop-ups, pop-overs or pop-unders. Chief Branch Manager Thomas Skavhellen said the company expects the lowered prices, good through April 30, to make trying PlugRush’s service “irresistible.”

“PlugRush addresses the traffic challenge in a unique way, and it’s our job to explain that to companies who buy or sell traffic,” Skavhellen said. “It all comes down to the PlugRush widget, or ‘plug,’ which is what we use to move traffic from sellers to buyers in place of banner ads, and it’s why our traffic converts so well for advertisers.”

Plugs are content marketing widgets that can be plugged into any website, offering visitors a number of different clickable choices that lead to a variety of different content. Traffic sent through any link in a plug can earn return traffic for traffic traders, or simply earn revenue from advertisers for traffic sellers.

“The traffic that advertisers receive through plugs is highly targeted,” Skavhellen said. “Visitors have multiple options to choose from in each plug so they can pick what interests them the most, unlike traditional banner ads where the user has just one choice. This is the PlugRush advantage.”

Media buyers who purchase traffic on behalf of third parties may sign up for their own dashboard without going through time-consuming steps that are more appropriate for publishers, like registering a domain and setting up ad zones.

“The changes are based on customer feedback, and we’re very pleased with the results,” Skavhellen said. “There’s no cost to sign up for PlugRush, so it makes sense for companies who buy, trade or sell traffic to create their own account to evaluate the effectiveness of our network’s approach to moving traffic forward.”


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