Parasited Debuts Thriller ‘Rebellious Angel’

Alternative world site Parasited, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, has dropped a new scene and its high-end thriller called “Rebellious Angel.”

Blonde ninja and justice warrior Little Angel is taking on The Corporation in the new Parasited thriller, “Rebellious Angel.” With help from her friend May Thai, Angel gets access to The Corporation’s lab to get a vial of the pure mind-controlling parasite virus, so doctors can devise a vaccine to fight it. Once Angel grabs the vial, she’s been found out, and now there’s a manhunt for the blonde ninja, and she must escape. Guards chase Angel out of the lab and onto the ground before she gets away in a taxi. Angel goes to May’s house and finds out May has betrayed her. May injects Angel with the virus and lets lose The Corporation’s latest creation, a monster tentacle that gets inside her by crawling into her belly button. Then she welcomes Angel to The Corporation.

With a finger snap, both The Corporation and May now control her. May gets off on making Angel do whatever she wants. May tells Angel to stand up and take off her clothes, and fingers her from behind into further submission. Then May tells Angel to lick her pussy to show her who her new master is, and she doesn’t stop until May reaches orgasm.

“This is definitely a departure for Parasited. We have some AI at the beginning in the lab, and the end has a plot twist that no one saw coming. We also went for a different look and feel to this scene. I think the members will enjoy what we’ve done with this scene,” says Creator/Producer Romero Mr. Alien.

Get a sneak peek and watch the exclusive scene for “Rebellious Angel,” directed by Roberto Di Suna at Parasited. While you’re there, check out the SFW and NFSW photo gallery and rate the scene five stars.

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