Parasited Members Get to Choose All the Adventures in Innovative New Scene

Alternative world site Parasited, where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, has dropped a new scene, and it’s all about Emiri Momota’s adventures.\

Directed by Roberto Di Suna, “Emiri’s Adventures” is divided into a wild ride of three adventures. In Adventure 1, Emiri is in bed reading when an alien parasite slides into her pussy. Days later, she wakes up in a prison cell. The internalized parasite makes her crave sex, and she masturbates. When the security guard checks on her, Emiri pulls him closer, cuffs him to the bars, and gives him a BJ. After sucking him dry, he has no energy and falls to the floor. Emiri drags him into the cell and rides him until he drops a massive load inside her.

In Adventure 2, Emiri wakes up in a prison cell chained to the wall near her boyfriend, Sam. Suddenly an army of parasites crawls out of Sam and makes their slimy way inside her. The aliens control Emiri, sending her into intense lust. The cravings are too strong—she sucks on his dick, rides Sam, and sits on his face, but Emiri’s hunger can’t be satiated, and she can’t stop.

Adventure 3 opens with Emiri heading to the locker room after a workout. The gym manager makes a move on her, and she rebuffs his advances. Emiri changes her clothes, unaware he’s watching her on camera and alien parasites are crawling towards her. It’s too late as they swarm, crawl into her pussy, and possess her. She masturbates until the manager comes into the locker room. He rails her hard before she gives him a blowjob that ends in a crazy plot twist.

“This is the first boy/girl scene on Parasited. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure, but you get to see all the adventures, each even more perverse than the last. Our members are enjoying ‘Emiri’s Adventures’ and have shared a few of their own, which we might make into Part 2,” says Creator/Producer Romero Mr. Alien.

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