Stripchat Models Entertain the Idea of Online Relationships

Limassol, Cyprus – Adult cam site recently conducted an in-house survey of its customers and top webcam models in order to maximize site efficiency and better understand its clientele, with surprising results.

While the concept of ‘cheating’ with a cam girl is a slippery slope, the idea of intimacy and relationship building over time with a model is a very real issue. Spending time with a woman, even online, can have explosive fallout, and not always the good kind.

“We are encouraged to develop relationships with men during our sessions, and beyond the sexual realm, we often form a personal intimacy with them,” says a popular Stripchat model. “While their girlfriends or wives might say that this is technically ‘cheating’, the men I’ve spoken to insist otherwise – that what we do is a fantasy to them, a pleasurable outlet like gaming.”

Rick Morales, Business Development Manager at Stripchat notes that most of the men polled claim to be single and infidelity is not an issue, but over half – nearly 60% – do not believe that online sexual behavior is cheating.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that cognitive dissonance and rationalization for men’s behavior is at an all-time high these days, or we are turning a corner in online entertainment where men see their personal interactions on par with their video gaming interactions – a result of living in an increasingly digital world.”

Stripchat clients also point out that they feel a certain satisfaction in these online encounters because most men (64% polled) find themselves to be more open and honest with webcam models than they are in real-life encounters.

“This was what I found most surprising – the online anonymity encourages intimacy, which makes Stripchat models more appealing to talk to than a potential girlfriend or partner – maybe because they don’t feel like they will be rejected like they might be in real life.

“This is the juxtaposition people are grappling with in 2018 – a deep connection with another person in an impersonal online world,” added Morales. “This also explains the popularity of cam sites like Stripchat, where men can separate and even compartmentalize their interactions while enjoying their time on the site.

“It’s a whole new world out there, and our goal at Stripchat remains the same – to make sure our customers are happy during their stay with us.”For more information visit and find Stripchat on social media:

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Stripchat is a live cam site that creates an interactive striptease experience between amateur models and their online paramours in a discreet, secure setting that captures an intimate feel with hare the same X-rated interests.

The token-based membership site is free to join, easy to navigate and its homepage boasts hundreds of private ‘rooms’ with models on call from all over the world, offering private shows – including the exclusive Cam2Cam performance – as well as video/photo content and messaging/chat service.

Stripchat offers added member benefits such as adjustable security/profile settings, advanced search functionality, saving favorites, model friend requests and Upgraded User status for the ultimate in membership rewards.

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