Studio20 Opens Third Live-Cam Franchise

Studio20ExpansionTIMISOARA, Romania – The third Studio 20 franchise opened Wednesday. Built at an estimated cost of €200,000 the live-cam studio occupies 700 square meters of space in Marasti Square at the center of Timisoara, Romania. The opulent facility will employ 100 models.

Studio 20 operates three additional franchised studios: two in Bucharest and one in Cluj-Napoca. The pilot studio in Bucharest serves as headquarters for the company as well as proof of the franchise concept and model.

“Three years ago, when I had the idea of a global live-cam franchise in a country such as Romania — where, at the time, this kind of job was done mostly on the illegal side of the employment market — I foresaw a great success in a legal and open business,” Robert Vanderty, Studio 20’s franchise manager. “Now it’s already happening, just a year after we launched the Studio 20 franchise concept.”

According to Alina Toma, who owns and manages the Timisoara franchise, “The project of Studio 20 Timisoara is a big challenge, because it’s an industry where any woman can discover the beauty of her own mind and personal charm, combining work with personal growth, getting incomes that are much higher than average and in the same time becoming a stronger woman. We invested in the latest generation of technology, concepts and decorations that take you to a fairytale land but, most important, we invested in a professional team that provides permanent assistance and support to the models.

“We created a very pleasant and relaxing work environment to excel together and we did it in the Studio 20 network because is the worldwide best live cam studio,” she added. “Studio 20 Timisoara is, starting today, the biggest, the fanciest and the best performing live cam studio located in Banat and all western Romania.”

The consolidated revenue for Studio 20’s franchise operation during 2015 was €3 million, obtained from exporting services to European Union member states and the U.S.

“The taxes that were paid to the Romanian public budget were over 1 million RON (€223,940),” Vanderty said. “If we do a simple math for the whole video-chat industry in Romania, which we estimate at around €100 million and growing, then this industry may become one of the main exporters of services. It could contribute balancing the commerce trade and also balancing the payback of external debt, not to mention that it could add significant income to the national budget.

“For this to happen, we need that all the operators in this industry to work completely legal and public authorities to start supporting our industry instead of hiding it,” he added.

The Studio 20 franchise model may be replicated in any city, large or medium-sized, worldwide. With an investment ranging from €60,000 to €200,000, sales could reach €1 million annually, Vanderty said.

“We already signed a Los Angeles franchise, located in the middle of Hollywood and scheduled to open this summer, and we are in negotiations with investors from Colombia, Hungary and Czech Republic,” he revealed.

Studio 20 franchisees participate in four-week-long team training in the pilot studio.


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