Tiani 24K: ‘With this Ring, I Thee Pleasure’

Tiani24KSTOCKHOLM – LELO’s popular Tiani line just became even more luxurious, thanks to the debut of the brand’s latest high-end toy.

Accented with a ring of 24-karat gold, the Tiani 24K is the epitome of decadence in pleasure products. The product also is a ground-breaker: the vibe is the first to come with “couples insurance,” a guarantee LELO will replace the product with one of its best-sellers in the event the couple splits within 12 months of purchase and only one gets custody of the Tiani.

Each Tiani 24K is stamped with a unique serial number for just such an emergency.

With more than twice the power of previous models, Tiani 24K’s performance is as impressive as its looks. Dual motors provide internal and external stimulation, while the flick of the users wrist is all that’s required to adjust sensations using LELO’s patented SenseMotion remote control.

At a suggested retail price of $199 through the end of the year, LELO expects the luxurious product to become a bestseller during the holiday season. After Jan. 1, the retail price will rise to $399.


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