UK Adult Producers Show Solidarity for Venus Berlin

YNOT EUROPE – UK Adult Producers, a trade association, promotes success through cooperation. One way the organization plans to put the mantra into practice during 2010 is by attending the consumer and trade show Venus Berlin Oct. 21-24.

“Producers from all over the United Kingdom are pooling their resources to erect a stand in the consumer section of the exhibition hall,” a spokesman for the 18-member trade association said. “For many members, this will serve as their first opportunity to exhibit on such a global stage.

“All members in attendance have signed on not only to promote their own lines of
content, but to develop business for all members and bring worldwide awareness to British products as a whole,” the spokesman continued. “In essence, the organization will be acting as an ambassador for the U.K. adult industry as well as a distribution coordinator for both producers in attendance and those who aren’t able to attend the fair.”

Adult star Tracey Lain and U.K. Performer of the Year Tanya Cox are expected to be in attendance at the stand, signing materials for fans.

In addition to providing a presence at trade shows, UKAP serves as a means for content producers great and small to face industry concerns with a united front. Current issues include health, legal and ethical issues, education and content piracy. Networking is a key element for the group.

Alongside its regular meetings, UKAP hosts twice-yearly events that bring together professionals from all facets of the adult industry. The events are open to those outside the UK. In June, UKAP’s summer party saw visitors from France, the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S.

The group also released its first collaborative DVD earlier this year. UK Fuck Files contains work from many of the trade association’s members.

UKAP actively seeks new members. For more information about membership or joining the group’s Venus Berlin effort, visit or email the webmaster.

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