Adultmoda Serves 10 Billion Ads per Month

Adultmoda are proud to announce that they are now serving a whopping 10 billion ads per month.
LONDON (YNOT Europe Wire) – Adultmoda are proud to announce that they are now serving a whopping 10 billion ads per month. The company is keen to point out that it’s not just about volume of ads, but its also about quality.

“The continued rapid growth we are seeing demonstrates the superior quality of our product,” Terry Jackson, CEO of Adultmoda, commented. “More and more adult mobile site and app owners are ditching the competition and switching to us. We believe the reason is that we provide a consistently higher return for both our Publishers and Advertisers on a global basis.

“The tools we offer within our interface outclass all our competition,” he added. “Yes we offer the usual country, carrier, OS, and handset targeting, but we provide some other really useful additions such as niche targeting, an extremely useful Campaign Planner, and a suite of APIs.”

Adultmoda also uniquely provides clients with the combination of a Self-Serve and Fully Managed service. Account Managers are on hand to advise, help, and support clients whilst at the same time an unrivaled level of sophistication within the system architecture means that Adultmoda clients have full control of their campaigns and can easily manage everything themselves.

Adultmoda’s redirect service for adult webmasters who don’t yet have a mobile product is also seeing a huge surge in popularity, and again Adultmoda believe it is the quality of service which is driving that growth.

Some ad networks with a redirect offering simply redirect the user straight to the advertiser’s site. However Sebastian Garel-Jones, account director of Adultmoda, believes this is commercial suicide for the originating adult web site: “How must a user feel when they try visiting their favourite adult website on a mobile only to find themselves whisked off to some other random mobile site by way of a redirect?

“This is short sighted strategy that will surely lose that customer for life,” he continued. “Adultmoda’s more sophisticated offering redirects the website’s user to a mobile landing page containing the originating website’s branding. Earnings from this page are high and the webmaster’s brand is maintained.”

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