Harmony Films Seeks Digital Harmony with Private’s New Website Platform

YNOT EUROPE – Harmony Films has become the first adult studio to utilize Barcelona-based Private Media Group’s new pay site platform. YoungHarlotsAcademy.com, built and managed by Private’s team, demonstrates how the externally managed online solution makes creating and launching a fully functioning, branded membership site easy for any studio, the companies said.

“For a long while Harmony has been looking for a solution that would give us a strong online presence,” said Chief Executive Officer Chris Norman. “Private’s state-of-the-art platform has enabled us to swiftly get our content and brand into the online marketing space.

“By using Private’s unique technology and internet business knowledge we have seamlessly integrated ourselves into their industry standard NATS system and affiliate-sales-driven infrastructure, enabling us to maximize our online potential,” he added.

Private Vice President of Online Services Andrew Sullivan said the integration of membership services, remote content management and affiliate program is beneficial for Private and its partner studios.

“Private’s platform demonstrates that we can quickly turn any studio’s content into a revenue-generating membership site,” he said. “As we begin creating pay sites for other studios and integrating them into our affiliate program PrivateCash.com, we are increasing our potential to attract online traffic and obtain higher conversion rates due to the quantity and quality of the content we can provide.

“This is the first of many studio partnerships that will drive incremental revenues for Private Media Group over the coming months.”

For more information about Private’s new platform, visit PrivateCash.com.

To see Harmony’s membership website in action, visit YoungHarlotsAcademy.com.

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