Affil4You Invites WMA Attendees to have a Drink

Affil4YouYNEPARIS (YNOT Europe Wire) – Affil4You would like to invite all registered attendees of Webmaster Access in Amsterdam for a drink beginning Friday, Sept. 20 and ending Monday, Sept. 23.

The Affil4You team likes to plan how they can meet every registered attendee regardless of what business may stem from each encounter. The team looks forward to crossing paths with old friends and making new ones in Amsterdam.

“While generating new business is always a high priority, I’ve learned from past experiences that all introductions have potential for something more, be it business or personal; hence our desire to meet as many people as we possibly can,” Affil4You Managing Director Joey Gabra said. “So I’m inviting everyone to come have a drink with me.”

Affil4You showed its support of Webmaster Access by becoming a Diamond sponsor, as well as by co-sponsoring the opening party with JuicyAds. On Friday, Sept. 20 starting at 11 p.m., drinks will be flowing and the dance floor jamming. In addition, Affil4You will serve complimentary fresh-fruit smoothies in its meeting lounge from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on both Saturday, Sept. 21, and Sunday, Sept. 22, during WMA.

“Our very own Joey Gabra will be serving these blended treats in the Affil4You meeting lounge personally, as he wants to help cure the hangover that Affil4You contributed to the night before,” said Affil4You Chief Executive Laurent Baquaist, launging. “What better way to start the day than with a smoothie that will provide you with nutrition not commonly found in alcohol? Consider it our effort to keep a healthy and productive networking environment for all.”

The Affil4You team would like to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss business opportunities, has questions about the Affil4You business model or simply wants to accept the drink invite and meet in person. To schedule a meeting, email


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