Be A Bimbo Debuts Angel Saint as First-Ever Brand Ambassador

 For Valentine’s Day this year, Alicia Amira’s Be A Bimbo, the sex worker-friendly fashion brand (, announced the selection of the first promotional model to join the Bimbo Girl program.

The first Bimbo Girl is Angel Saint (Instagram: @angelsaintx), a model currently based out of London, England. Angel aspires to enter the adult entertainment industry and make a name for herself among the next generation of rising stars. Angel will be an official Be A Bimbo ambassador and have access to all of the brand’s current and future designs. She will be part of the team for all future events, travel plans, parties, shoots, TV features and more.

“We have so much love for all the inspiring and aspiring bimbos out there! That’s why we created the Bimbo Girl program,” said Alicia Amira, founder of Be A Bimbo. “Our team will actively manage each Bimbo Girl to guide and promote her in her field, and help her live the dream she always has dreamt of living. Each month, we will help our Bimbo Girls achieve their full Bimbo potential by allocating a percentage of profits towards each girl’s dreams.”

“I feel absolutely honored to be the very official Bimbo Girl and I’m excited to work with Be A Bimbo to spread a positive and empowering message to women everywhere,” said Angel Saint. “Being a bimbo makes me feel invincible and it emphasizes that as a woman I can achieve anything I want while looking hyper feminine and having fun. What’s not to love?”

Angel wants to make a career for herself as a star in the adult entertainment industry, and Be A Bimbo will be working actively to support her in this choice. Companies, brands and talent interested in business collaborations with Alicia Amira, Angel Saint, and Be A Bimbo should email

“We chose Angel Saint as our first official Bimbo Girl for many reasons, but the biggest reason of all is her huge heart and sisterly love: Angel is a survivor who has been through a lot of bad stuff but has overcome all obstacles. We were so inspired by her courage and compassion. She’s a bad bitch with a big heart and we love her!” added Alicia.

Check out Amira’s controversial article “This Body Modder Wants to Turn Herself into a Sex Doll” in VICE at

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