Cameron to EU: ‘Sod Off’

CameronEULONDON – UK Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to execute a legislative end run around a recent European Union decision that would outlaw the automatic porn filters he forced on ISPs in late 2013.

The EU’s new law banning government-mandated filtering in the interest of net neutrality will become effective sometime next year, but Cameron already has promised he and Parliament will pass new laws of their own to keep smut from sneaking into UK homes.

In effect, Cameron has thumbed his nose at Europe’s unifying political authority.

For now, the PM asserts he has secured an “opt-out” agreement allowing the UK to continue with its filtering mandate, meaning internet users who want unfettered access to the World Wide Web must tell their ISPs to remove the figurative chokeholds around their connections. In other words, UK citizens must choose to endure a short leash while traveling the information superhighway or out themselves as perverts.

If the EU persists in its silly devotion to unhampered internet traffic once the alleged opt-out agreement expires, Cameron evidently sees no need to follow the crowd into a scary land where people are allowed to govern their own behavior.

It is “vitally important that we enable parents to have that protection [i.e., automatic filtering] for their children,” he told members of Parliament. “I can tell the House that we will legislate to put our agreement with internet companies into the law of the land so that our children will be protected.”

A study in mid-2014 showed a staggering 96 percent of UK internet users opted to have their ISPs remove the mandatory content filters from their connections, indicating the rank-and-file citizenry is nowhere near as concerned about smut and other “potentially harmful material” as are the nannies at No. 10 Downing Street and in Parliament.

Government statistics obtained earlier this year by in response to a freedom of information request revealed that in 2014, more than 245,000 visits to pornography websites were logged by computers using Parliament’s network.


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