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JuliusFKedvesseyAMSTERDAM – For more than a decade, photographer JFK has captured the behind-the-scenes adult industry action at trade shows, parties and other events. He has chronicled his adventures on the website and on various online forums.

Now JFK has dived headfirst into social media by partnering with Amsterdam-based cost-per-acquisition network ADVIDI to create a repository of event images on Facebook. According to the partners, the archive includes a carefully curated capsule of images from every event captured by JFK’s lens.

“In the past several months, we have worked hard to filter and upload the massive archive of event content accumulated by FUBAR Webmasters and to create Facebook albums suitable for sharing on the world’s most popular social media platform,” said Ivo, vice-president of affiliate marketing for ADVIDI. “Now we are up to speed with all of the prior shows, and we are ready to add every upcoming show that FUBAR attends.”

The archive represents not only a blast from the past for veteran industry insiders — showcasing quite a few gone-but-not-forgotten faces that left the industry years ago — but also a way for those who can’t attend as many events as they might like to put faces with familiar names. JFK attended more than 30 shows during 2013, documenting fresh faces and new products as they arrived.

“The show schedules are busier than ever, and we will continue in our role by providing an important way for [companies and individuals] to gain exposure online,” he said. “This new strategic partnership with ADVIDI also gives attendees a way to easily connect with the people they personally met in the past or are looking to do business with at upcoming events.” will continue to host the entire archive of JFK’s event photos; ADVIDI will serve as a “sampler,” displaying approximately 50 safe-for-work images from each event. Each image will contain three or more individuals.

“This is just the beginning of something beautiful,” JFK said, noting that contests and other special events will take place on the Facebook in the future.


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