Dating Factory Now in Spain

YNOT EUROPE – Dating Factory, a sophisticated internet platform that allows individuals and businesses to generate revenue by operating dating sites, now has a presence in Barcelona.

Current estimates place the size of the international online dating market at between 2.5 and 3 billion euros annually. Estimates also indicate more than 15 million Spaniards are partner-less, and as many as half of them seek a serious relationship.

Dating Factory can help companies and individuals establish their own branded dating sites to address that market.

“Our philosophy is to work closely with our affiliates to improve customer conversion and retention, and this requires us to ensure end-users are satisfied at all points in the system,” said Xavier Bruzaud of Dating Factory España, adding that a Spanish division makes sense for the company because Spanish administrative personnel best understand the Spanish culture. “We have achieved good results for our affiliates, with faster conversion rates and lower acquisition costs, allowing us to pay commissions of up to 65 percent in the first three months.”

The company is still figuring out the most popular niches for the Spanish dating market, but so far sites offering senior dating and extramarital affairs are doing well.

Founded in 2009, the parent company,, is directed by Tanya Fathers, one of the top women entrepreneurs in the business sector. Under Fathers’ captainship, Dating Factory has become a leader in Western Europe. To date, the company provides 12,000 white-labeled dating websites in 18 languages and 42 niches worldwide.

The company received the 2012 YNOT Award for Best Dating Technology Provider.

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