DIMOCO acquires Mpulse France

Charles BaudinGerald Tauchner

Charles Baudin, left, and Gerald Tauchner

VIENNA – Carrier billing and mobile messaging provider DIMOCO has acquired messaging and micropayments provider Mpulse France E.U.R.L. in an all-share deal. The acquisition gives DIMOCO a presence in France.

Mpulse has been rechristened DIMOCO France E.U.R.L. and will move its headquarters from Metz to Paris. Charles Baudin, formerly head of mobile messaging corporate sales for DIMOCO, has been appointed president of the division.

“Aiming to lead carrier billing and mobile messaging in Europe, and after our recent establishment of DIMOCO Greece, we are happy to make the next strategic move into France,” said Gerald Tauchner, co-founder and chief executive officer. “With all these great partnerships and our company in France we are able to get customers connected to their services much faster.”

According to Baudin, “Goods and services can be easily purchased with mobile technology. DIMOCO offers the No. 1 payment method in reach and conversion rate on this huge market.”


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