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WDGirls_1CZECH REPUBLIC – Wild, drunken women have their supporters, especially among those who see them home at closing time. In porn, too, they have devoted fans.

The websites WDGirls.com and MyDrunkenStar.com serve the category with original photos and videos of amateur girls getting drunk and wild. Although no hardcore sex is depicted, the sites feature plenty of nudity and softcore girl-girl action.

Here’s what the sites’ webmaster, Ronald, had to say.

YNOTeurope.com: Seriously? An adult site with no sex?

Ronald: W&D Girls is a site with new girls, new faces. We wanted to be different from most other adult sites, which share their models and offer the same familiar faces again and again. Our second site, My Drunken Star, offers new projects with models who have already appeared on WDGirls.com.

How did you come up with this idea?

We are drunk fetish fans ourselves, but there’s so little content of this kind out there. So, we decided to film a couple of movies ourselves and sell them to existing drunk fetish adult sites.


After some time, we thought we could do everything ourselves, so we signed agreements with hosting and payment-processing companies and launched our own site. The site title stands for Wild and Drunk Girls.

Give us a better idea about the drunk fetish. What things turn on your fans?

It’s the overall behavior under the influence of alcohol. We all know our behavior and social interaction rapidly change when we’re drunk. The shyness is gone, and the natural part of us gets to the foreground.

Women get wild, horny and shameless — and that’s exactly what our customers expect. Drunk women burp, spit, pee on the ground — even in hotel rooms — and they can’t stop thinking about sex. This is their real personality, and it’s also something they would hardly show us if they were sober.

Our customers love to watch slurring speech, staggering walks and situations in which a shitfaced girl simply passes out somewhere in an apartment. And that’s just a portion of it.

Is this a fetish one is born with, or does it develop with experience?

That’s a difficult question, and we’re neither psychologists nor sexologists. The general theory is that these fetishes are developed during childhood or adolescence when kids are much more sensitive to events they witness. If a kid sees a drunk woman lying in her own piss in a public park, it’s quite a shock for him, and that can result in a future interest in drunk women.


Tell us about the shoots: Are they simulated, or do the girls actually get drunk?

Everything is absolutely real, no exceptions. Our models drink pure alcohol — or in some cases, alcohol mixed with soft drinks if they are inexperienced drinkers and can’t handle the taste of pure, 40-percent vodka.

At first some people had doubts, but they soon realized that reality is always our first priority.

Most projects are shot with two girls — they feel safer in pairs — and often one of the girls gets drunk much sooner than the other one. Sometimes we film a girl who gets wasted after just a bottle of wine, and sometimes a girl drinks an amazing amount of strong alcohol but still looks quite sober.

Sure, we could ask them to act to make the project visually more interesting, but that’s totally against our internal rules. The customers trust us, and we can’t disappoint them.

After more than two years of existence, we can now use big alcohol bottles for more than one project. Our customers trust us, and they don’t need to see us open sealed bottles in every project.

What kind of response have the sites received?

Feedback is very important for us, because it gives us an opportunity to improve our content. Our customers are literally ecstatic because they have finally found an adult site with amateur girls from the streets instead of bored faces of well-known porn stars.

WDGirls_4They appreciate our daily updates, the high technical quality of our videos and our bonus program for long-term customers. Review sites rate us highly, and we were even presented the Top Site Of 2013 award by the famous RabbitsReviews for being the best drunk fetish site in the adult business.

What are your future plans? Do you expect to get into gay drunk sex, for instance?

We have many different plans. Some are even not related to the drunk fetish at all. For example, we’ve considered letting the girls film the project themselves, so our cameraman wouldn’t have to be there at all and it would become a true reality show directed by the drunk girls themselves.

However, there will never be any drunk sex in our projects. First of all, it would be immoral. Secondly, our American payment processor, and also the card associations, would not allow this kind of content anyway.


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