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Dirk Bosner
YNOT EUROPE – Dibo.TV interviewer Dirk Bosner traveled to the Caribbean recently in order to visit a director for 777Systems. The meeting resulted in a promising opportunity, which evolved into the new and novel “flirt portal” YNOT Europe spoke with Bosner about the history of the project and the ways in which Flirry differs from other flirt portals.

Dirk, your new project was almost an accident. What can you say about that?
Dirk Bosner: I can answer with a resounding “yes and no.” The idea for the concept I have had for years. It was impossible to implement this concept in my old company. The structures and ideas were there, but everything was just too lazy and nostalgic. Since then, I separated myself from my old ballast, and took this idea from the drawer. It was impossible for me to deal with such a big project alone, but I had no idea how I could find a suitable partner for it.

When I was flown to Curacao in mid-2010 to make a podcast with 777Systems Director Frank Otten, we got a beer and had a conversation about what “flirry” means. During the interview he was enthusiastic and had asked if we could work together. The project resulted from a search I didn’t know I was making.

When you call Flirry a “big project,” are we speaking of money? Or something else?
The financial cost is difficult to quantify. Since parts were developed from existing 777Systems modules that already had been tested several times, the determination of a sum is more subjective. However, I would say something in the upper six-digit range would not be out of line. Add to that the figurative cost of the idea, the concept itself, and you can even add a zero. I think it is not so good to talk about amounts, since any numbers are only speculative. was expected to launch at the end of 2010, but the portal is only now online. Were there unforeseen difficulties?
There was no precise timetable. There couldn’t be, because we were developing and constantly adding so many new features. Actually, we were about to launch, but then the idea of “Goleggs” came along. The system had to be adjusted. From this point we dropped the schedule, since he had to adapt to new circumstances. But we were all agreed we didn’t have to rush. Frank Otten and I were in complete agreement that we would only go online when we were able to state that Flirry is a unique product. We have achieved that, and we are now online.

What makes Flirry unique?
Flirry is more than just a flirt portal. Technically, it will be of universal use, with multilingual and white-label capability. It can be operated as an adult website and as a 12-Rated program, as well. For the user it offers sophisticated entertainment for little money. It includes some hot topics that have proved successful in the past 10 years. With Flirry, the user can interact however he wants with others in a live environment. For affiliate partner, Flirry is also interesting, because on one hand it provides high conversion rates, and on the other, retention at this and similar systems are unusually high.

What market does Flirry address? Is it just for German users (and thus ultimately only for German affiliates)?
As I said, Flirry is a multilingual system, and thus for international use. Flirry is a growing system, launching first in German-speaking countries and then spreading around the world.

The target audience for Flirry is every man and every woman over 18 who enjoys having fun. It is a great mental cinema program for everyone. But unlike its rivals, who present more static content, Flirry presents the customer a dynamic experience, which can significantly increase the entertainment value.

Explain “dynamic experience” in more detail.
Well, a static system delivers only pre-generated content. That is, when a user logs on and fills out his profile, he has generated a single piece of static content that is accessed by other users.

Flirry is a dynamic system. When a Flirry user creates a profile, he not only expands the static content, but he changes the “fluidity” of the entire environment. This results in a milieu that is shifting all the time, thus giving the customer a huge entertainment value and creating a dynamic cycle.

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