Language Matters When Transacting Online

PrivateCastingBARCELONA – According to 2011 research by the European Commission, 35 percent of Germans browse only websites that are in German, and 40 percent would not communicate in a language other than German in a professional context. Eight-one percent of Germans will not carry out banking and other complex transactions online in any language other than their native tongue.

Other recent research indicates 52.4 percent of people, regardless of nationality, buy only from websites presented in their native language, particularly when considering larger or sensitive purchases. Language also is important for post-sales support: 74.7 percent of people say availability of after-sales support in their own language influences their buying decisions.

On Tuesday, Private Media Group Inc. responded to the statistics by unveiling 11 new websites designed to convert non-English-speaking internet traffic. The sites, each available in five languages, represent a major expansion in the European multimedia company’s online portfolio.

According to Chief Executive Officer Charles Prast, the new sites target an underserved audience of 110 million potential consumers.

“Over 90 million adult men live in European countries where German, Spanish, French or Dutch are the principal languages,” he said. “In addition, there are more that 20 million adult male native Spanish speakers in the United States. Together, this audience equals the 110 million adult native-English-speaking males living in the U.S., the UK and Canada. These potential clients have demonstrated a marked preference for consuming and transacting in their own language.

“In short, we are multiplying our [business-to-consumer] presence by 60 — from one site in one language to 12 [sites] in five languages,” Prast added. “Private has localized its massive library and websites to exploit the brand even further in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch.”

The 11 new websites are,,,,,,,,, and They join and, which are well established.

“Our team of local language copywriters and community managers in Barcelona have translated over 500,000 words — almost four million keystrokes — and created 11 new sites which are fully adapted to this underserved audience,” Prast added. “We have created social media accounts in the major languages and worked with our billing partners to implement better buy interfaces. Our 5,000-scene library has been optimized to this market.”

The company also re-launched its Private Cash affiliate program, creating more than 500 banner ads in various languages and other tools to promote the sites. The program pays up to 50-percent revenue share or as much as 45 euros per sign-up.


Marty O'Brien

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