Sex Toy Vending Machines Too Much for Italians

SexToyVend2_122613CASARSA, Italy – Even Italians’ storied appetite for sex has its limits, and a vending-machine company may have found them when it placed a sex-toy dispenser on a railway platform in this village in the northeastern part of the country.

Not that Italians are opposed to on-demand pleasure, but the vibrators, love balls, gels, condoms and a sexy underwear inside the machine are visible to travelers of all ages. Parents immediately began crying “foul!”

“My son saw it and pointed at a huge sex toy and said, ‘Mama, what is that?’” Maria Tutanella told the UK’s Mirror newspaper. “It was a huge, black dildo is what it was — and my son is four! What madness seizes people in offices that they allow this?”

Another parent suggested replacing the most obviously “naughty” merchandise with something less apt to provoke questions from the very young.

“I agree with the condoms vending machine,” that parent told the Mirror. Condoms help to prevent sexual[ly] transmissible diseases, and it’s right that our children can use them. But sex toys are too much for me. The children who use this platform are so young. They should not be exposed to this adult stuff. There is plenty of time for that later in life.”

A Casarsa parents group is pressuring the vending-machine company to remove the sex toys, but so far the company seems unfazed.

“We agree to take off the machine if also other cities where we positioned the same machine will ask us,” a spokesman said. “But for the moment, Casarsa is the only city to protest for this.”


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    Jenny_Lee December 27, 2013

    If a child is old enough to know about condoms, they are most likely old enough to know about sex toys. Plus many sex toys promote masturbation. A disease free and pregnancy free way of having sexual pleasure.