Sono: Made for Men but Attractive to Couples

ShotsSono_650x350ZEIST, Netherlands – Shots Media has launched a new line of pleasure products designed for men but with couples-appeal.

The Sono line includes butt plugs with tails that allow easy withdrawal after insertion. Also available: combination penis sleeve/butt plug devices that also offer perineum stimulation.

The toys are crafted from rubber (butt plugs), soft silicone (cock rings) and stretchy TPE (penis sleeves).

“The combination of those materials makes these toys a perfect match for the demanding customer,” a Shots spokesperson said.

The products are packaged in neutral colors with a masculine vibe.

“All toys come in a sleek white case with projected stone elements,” the spokesperson said. “This combination creates an amazing appearance when they are presented united in a store.”

Each package carries a description of the product, along with specifications, in several languages.

A variety of promotional collateral is available. Shots Media’s design department will assist retailers who desire customized point-of-sale materials.

For more information, visit, phone +31 (0) 487 519 333 or email


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