Vendo Launches Invite Only Beta for new Data Tool

Vendo, the leader in payments for subscription ecommerce, is launching an invite only beta for the new Vendo Data Tools on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. To request an invite visit

The tools reflect an understanding that “Data is more valuable than oil.” Data, like oil, is useless in its raw form, buried deep inside a company. Once data is extracted, processed, refined and put to use it is very powerful. That process requires deep understanding of both data and how the data will be used.

Vendo Data Tools introduces Forecasts, Drivers, Comparisons and Curves for the first time. Together they form the most advanced set of data tools available to subscription ecommerce companies. The data tools make it easier and faster for subscription ecommerce companies to see where their businesses are going. The tools also help operators to understand what is causing changes to their businesses.

“This is the most powerful set of data tools I’ve seen for subscription ecommerce. It makes it much easier and significantly faster for us to run our business on a daily basis. Vendo has done it again with another great innovation. I’m very impressed and I look forward to doing more with the tools.” Matt Kilicci.

“I’m really excited about the new tools Vendo are offering which are going to allow us to dig much deeper into our traffic and joins. I believe this will help us grow and ensure we are maximising each site, price point and offer,” said Steven Gallon.

“I spent the last month trying to create a forecast. It was a pain in the butt. The new Vendo Data Tools do forecasts automatically, across the board, updated every 15 minutes. This is why I love being tech. Huge advances in speed and ease can just come out of nowhere. I know it took them years but it feels sudden to me. Now I can focus on my job rather than wasting time getting the data I need to do my job.”

Vendo Data Tools have been under development with a team of data scientists and subscription ecommerce experts for 2 years. The company introduced the new Vendo Data Tools to a select group of users representing over $200m in annual sales during the two day Vendo Partner Conference (VPC) held in Prague on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday September 12. Clients went hands on with the team that developed the tools in sessions covering a range of essential topics for subscription ecommerce companies including, “How do I see a problem in time to fix it?” and “How do I get my ex-members back?”

Find out more and request an invite visit

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