Vendo Release New Data Tool for Benchmarking

Your parents probably told you or taught you not to compare yourself to others. In business it’s imperative. How do we compare against the competition? Where do we perform well? Where are we underperforming? What do we need to do differently to get better results?

See how you compare against the industry in real-time. Knowing where you excel can help you stay ahead. Learn where you are coming up short. Defining both will help you determine where to focus resources for the biggest impact.

Vendo introduces Benchmarking at Internext, Las Vegas.

“Best tool of the year. I would pay extra for it. This will definitely make us more competitive and determine where to focus.” – Fred G

Now Vendo clients can see their performance compared with similar products, shoppers and moments (time periods). Vendo Data Tools allows you to benchmark your most relevant KPI’s: sales, traffic, LTV, conversion rate, chargebacks ratios… and more.

President of Vendo, Mitch P, says “Vendo’s vision is to create e-commerce tools that make our clients more successful. Benchmarking is helping our clients and ourselves fulfill our potential. I love it when a vision becomes a reality!”

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