Vendo LGBTQ+ User Conference

Vendo is hosting an LGBTQ+ User Conference on April 8, 2021.

The conference supports the community of LGBTQ+ eCommerce entrepreneurs by providing new insights, fresh data, powerful tools, and networking.

It will begin with a short overview of the latest e-commerce market data. Attendees will see how their performance compares with other LGBTQ+ eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Vendo will share its perspective on how eCommerce companies can prepare for the impact of lower traffic as Covid restrictions loosen and the summer season begins.

Networking will create opportunities to get to know, collaborate and support other LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

This user conference is part of a series hosted by Vendo to support communities of eCommerce entrepreneurs.

About Vendo

Vendo is a payment facilitator for eCommerce. The company creates advanced tools using its expertise in data. These tools help clients reach their potential by increasing conversion and lifetime value while minimizing risks. Founded in Switzerland in 2011, the company has teams in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania working to make subscription eCommerce companies more successful each day.

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