80% Payouts for German Traffic Extended Indefinitely

Affil4YouPARIS – Mobile traffic monetization program Affil4You has extended its 80-percent payouts “indefinitely,” company representatives told YNOT Europe on Tuesday.

“This increase was meant to last just until the end of 2013, but we have decided to extend indefinitely as we have been seeing such a positive increase in performance and efforts from our affiliates,” said Managing Director Joey Gabra. “As they say, you catch more bees with honey.”

The company increased payouts on German conversions Nov. 21, raising the affiliate portion from 50 percent to 80 percent. The windfall applies to all affiliates, regardless where they are located, but only to mobile traffic originating in Germany.

The German market has become an important one for Affil4You, despite inherent challenges.

“Germany is seen by many as having the strictest regulations and harshest regulatory penalties of any region, because [German regulators] take mobile consumer policy very seriously,” Gabra said. “That actually works strongly in our favor, because it means building a solid reputation and establishing Affil4You as a fully compliant platform that can be trusted has even more value to clients seeking to monetize German mobile traffic. It’s no secret that Germany has now become one of our strongest territories overall.”

According to market specialist Ihsan Atsu, Affil4You’s strength was hard-won, requiring study, moxie, and lots of work.

“When we started, we were monetizing German traffic with the help of a local partner in Germany for quite some time,” Atsu said. “As of 2012, we opened our own portal, and our solution is one of the best on the mobile market now. We are now more suited to using our experience for conquering the German market.

“We came a long way in adapting with the German market’s particularities,” he continued. “You cannot imagine how many restrictions there are to deal with. However, we insisted [Affil4You would be successful], and it totally paid off. We were able to enhance our services significantly.”

A year later, the company is determined to prove just how successful — and profitable — its strategy can be. That’s why Affil4You made the unprecedented offer of 80-percent payouts.

“Affil4You offers German consumers higher values with our services, which certainly had a big effect on our price points,” Gabra said. “[German consumers] are ready to pay, and [they retain]; therefore, we are able to offer our affiliates so much more. We want to thank our affiliates who trusted in us by paying them 80 percent of the revenue we gain with their German mobile traffic.”

For more information about Affil4You’s products and services, visit Affil4You.com or email Gabra. The company provides earning opportunities in 80 countries and multiple languages and currencies, and can tailor solutions and mobile websites to suit almost any need — including customized solutions for distributing original content.


Marty O'Brien

Marty O'Brien

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