Motainment Takes Over W2Mobile Affiliate Program

COLOGNE, Germany – As of December 1, operation of the adult mobile affiliate program w2mobile has been taken over by Motainment, the parent company of W2M.

“As the parent company of w2mobile, Motainment has a sizeable international network, allowing the affiliate sector to expand business in new markets and connect with numerous new players beyond the confines of one brand,” the company said in a statement.

Key features of the w2mobile program include a guarantee of timely affiliate payouts, carefully curated mobile content, worldwide promotional offers with a strong mobile focus, detailed statistical reports, and support of CPA, CPL ad rev-share options.

In addition to w2mobile, Motainment owns and operates Mobile in Motion and Megumo, enabling affiliates to promote a variety of brands and products beyond those available under W2M.

Motainment also plans “to carefully integrate third-party advertisers to the benefit of the affiliates’ overall success with mobile target audiences,” the company said in its release.

Current w2mobile affiliates don’t need to change anything or update their links, the company said.

“The business relationship will remain as it is,” Motainment said in its statement. “w2mobile’s parent company will integrate the affiliate business and will also be able to expand this segment, which should be good news for publishers.”

Motainment also recently announced attendees of Affiliate World Asia can book a meeting with a Motainment representative at the conference on December 6 and 7 in Bangkok.

Those interested in w2mobile’s products and services can visit for more information.

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