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Sex Toy Maker Chases Crowdfunding to Support Mass Production

HONG KONG – Seeking capital to fund its third-generation “long-distance sex toys for lovers,” adult novelty manufacturer Lovense has turned […]

Real-world Lesbian Sex Quadruples in Britain

LONDON – The percentage of British women who have experienced a lesbian encounter has quadrupled during the past 20 years, […]

The WayOut Club: Safe Haven for the Third Gender

LONDON – Transsexuals finally are making their marks in adult entertainment. In the larger society, though, the so-called third gender […]

Drunken Women Not Having Sex

CZECH REPUBLIC – Wild, drunken women have their supporters, especially among those who see them home at closing time. In […]

Lexi Lowe: Would-be Copper Turned Porn Star

NEWPORT, Wales – The constabulary’s loss is porn’s gain: Busty blonde starlet Lexi Lowe’s original ambition was to be a […]

Fans Face-to-face with the Action

LONDON – Many porn fans wish they could get closer to the action they see on screen. One company devotes […]

Comics for Adults, in More Ways than One

CONSETT, England – Billing itself as “Comics for Men, Not Boys,” Gentlemen Comics offers a range of original, well-drawn graphic […]

CSI Sex Toys: Inept Burglar Nailed by Blood Sample

SOUTH SHIELDS, England – Skillful lab work by UK police nailed a sex toy thief who left DNA evidence at […]

Channel 4 to Bring Live Sex to Broadcast TV

LONDON – Touting a commitment to encouraging “an open and adult conversation about sex,” UK mainstream broadcaster Channel 4 plans […]

Survey: Brits Prefer Tidy Homes to Sex

WATFORD, England – According to a recent survey of UK residents, twice as many Britons would rather have a clean […]